Ten years of the MAC VAL



The MAC VAL aka the Musée d’art contemporain du Val-de-Marne is celebrating this year its ten years of unprecedented exhibitions, and with them as many artist residencies, commissions and acquisitions, cultural actions and publishing projects, serving the public and the influence of contemporary art in France, in the heart of a territory in movement.

To celebrate this anniversary, he and the public are offered an open and abundant end-of-year program to”clear a world in perpetual turmoil” and”create bridges between art, audiences and their environment. Three exhibitions, more precisely, with :

“The Vertigo Effect”, the new exhibition of the works in the collection, which explores the relationship of artists to history and its narratives as our own viewer’s relationship to what precedes us.

“Seven Corridors”, until March 6, 2016, an in situ intervention by François Morellet, who takes over the 1350 m2 temporary exhibition hall for an unprecedented project putting the visitor at the centre of the work.

“D’ici et d’ailleurs”, also until March 6, 2016, Yeondoo Jung’s exhibition produced as part of the MAC VAL residency program and the France-Korea year.

Also worth noting: a new acquisition of Xavier Veilhan, Mobile n°26, visible from the square, and the special weekends of 24 October and 5 December.

Photos: Virgile Guinard
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