The 1st Talk-show aperitivo by SAYWHO w/ Peroni

Caffè Artcurial


The 1st TALK SHOW APERITIVO by SAYWHO at Caffè Artcurial with Peroni.

From May to September, Peroni Nastro Azzurro explores an idealized version of his aperitivo at Caffè Artcurial, both in terms of culinary authenticity, but also in the content that will enliven this aesthetic moment.

Saywho, in co-production with the agency Artdicted, experienced its first”Talk Show Aperitivo”: cross cultural meetings between”friends of good artistic family” at the time of the Aperitivo.

The first episode brought together the composer, musician and arranger Bertrand Burgalat with the director Benoît Forgeard. They haven’t left each other since the music shows they co-created on Paris Première: the Ben & Bertie Shows. The feature film Gaz de France, currently being released on DVD, is another highlight of their shared artistic experiences.

Under the moderation of Jean-Emmanuel Deluxe, they came to witness this fusional relationship by tasting the dishes prepared by Enrico Einaudi with products from Piedmont, his region of origin, and historical land where was born the aperitivo.

Photos: Virgile Guinard
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