Highly anticipated in this early winter, the literary awards are part of these events that mark each year the beginning of November. At the top of the ranking, the Prix de Flore. As we know, the prize was created in 1994 on the initiative of Carole Chrétiennot and Frédéric Beigbeder. We also know that it enabled the mythical Café de Flore to revive its literary tradition and, in 23 years of existence, it has highlighted the work of Vincent Ravalec (its very first winner), Michel Houellebecq or Simon Liberati. This year, the Prize was the first in its history to be awarded to two winners: Pierre Ducrozet and Zarca, with six votes each (and three rounds of voting), are doing well. Always very anticipated, the Prix de Flore did not fail once again to its reputation: we know it to be the event which, de facto, gathers a crowd of personalities of the cultural scene, so that the establishment of the Boulevard Saint-Germain is full to bursting. Once upon a time, on November 8, we found many faces we love to meet, with, alongside the two authors in the spotlight, the winner of another literary prize announced a few hours apart: Olivier Guez (Prix Renaudot). Proof that in literature, good company takes precedence over rivalries. Good reading !

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