The A Club by Albane at the Society

Place St Germain des prés


The cinema had been waiting for him since last October. Almost four months without A Club is like an endless winter without heating or electricity. Cold, dull and bland. BUT, fortunately, after a thundering season in the hushed salons of the Avenue, Albane Cléret is back on the Left Bank.

Not at Castel this time, but at the Société, an elegant restaurant in Saint-Germain-des-Prés managed by the Costes empire and its beautiful pairs of legs. A geographical turn which obviously aroused the curiosity of the seventh art because last Thursday evening, the casting had nothing to envy to an afterparty of César. At the table that evening: Monica Bellucci, Guillaume Canet, Laura Smet, Mélanie Laurent, Vahina Giocante… joined for dessert by a cohort of comedians ready to compete with the Germanopratine label.

We don’t know who got up the next day but one thing is certain: the nights of Cannes 2015 look whiter than ever on the rooftop of the J.W. Marriott. Or maybe somewhere else, who knows? Mystery… and answer on May 14 on the Croisette.

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