The Baiser de Nous Deux goes straight to the Coeur

Le Coeur, 83 rue de Turenne


The gallery Le Cœur and Nous Deux, two entities destined to meet. This week the historical magazine celebrated its 70th anniversary in the space of the street of Turenne with the exhibition “Le Baiser”. A staging of fifteen iconic photographs arranged in a large format, just like the rosewater photo novels that have made the weekly successful since the late 1940s. Sacha Distel, Sylvie Vartan, among others, had even lent themselves to the game of bubble history since the 1960s. Curator Maroussia Rebecq gathers on evanescent canvases the strongest couples and kisses in history, from the symbolic Barack Obama & Aung San Suu Kyi to the very royal Prince William & Kate Middleton, without forgetting the presidential couple Emmanuel & Brigitte Macron. In the lower space of the gallery, Marion Minuit, editor-in-chief of Nous Deux, invited Marie Maertens and the rest of the guests to write their own script in a small Parisian café set up for the occasion, to write or rewrite her own photo-novel, before leaving with a light heart to return until June 17. Photographer: Pierre Mouton

Photos: Say Who
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