The cocktail 7FAM #firstdenimlove

223, rue Saint Honoré


Back from Cannes, Saywho opened the doors of the brand new 7FAM boutique on rue Saint Honoré. An extension flanked by precious wood, a large glass roof and a carpeted fitting area sublimate this Italian denim case, located a few cables from the sacrosaint Colette blind.

An autumn evening to honour the #firstdenimlove hashtag, mantra of the brand’s new collection. In short, a Proust madeleine from our first emotions with this indispensable contemporary wardrobe. At the turntables that night, Sheitanas Crew’s hardy parties distilled the 90’s nuggets of international r’nb with impunity. Saywho, the inviting force of the evening, invited a few friends to cut themselves in two for a photo. Figuratively speaking.



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