05.03.2017 Bar Les Bains #media

The Culture Crush toasts to the health of its eighth issue at the Baths

Long considered a place of worship and a favourite of Parisian nights, the Bains have seen the most influential figures of Parisian and international culture parade since its opening in 1978. What could be more natural for the team at The Culture Crush magazine, which draws portraits of different cultures and communities around the world, than to organize the launch party for their eighth issue? Fully dedicated to Paris and the Baths, “Sacrebleu!” draws a photographic portrait of the place then at its height in the 80s thanks to the photographer Foc Kan, and tells the Parisian “stories” of the photographers Matthias Vriens-McGrath and André D. Wagner. The magazine has succeeded in bringing together a diverse community of readers, including creator Alexis Mabille and singer Simon Buret (AaRON), who have come to drink to the health of its publisher Prosper Keating and its editor-in-chief Debra Scherer, in the presence of Jean-Pierre Marois – to whom we owe the renovation of this mythical place, still a source of inspiration.


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