“The work in the form of vertigo would be the one that creates a hole in the language, a white in our uncertainties, a shaking in our scaffolding”. This is what Gaël Charbeau, curator of “En forme de vertiges”, group show of the fourth edition of the Bourse Révélations Emerige, has to say. For this 2017 edition, twelve artists, representatives of the young French artistic guard, were chosen by a selection committee chaired by Laurent Dumas, founder of the Emerige group. New this year, it is not one but two galleries that have joined forces with the Bourse and are thus committed to accompanying the winners: the Galerie Papillon (Paris) and The Pill (Istanbul). An evolution that contributes to the influence of the Emerige Revelations on the international scene. On November 7, the opening evening at Villa Emerige saw gallery owners, art critics and influential personalities from the art scene mingle with the fluid hanging of works between painting, sculpture and in situ installations. At the end of the evening, the scholarship was awarded to the young Marseilles artist Linda Sanchez, who will have the opportunity to present a solo exhibition at the Galerie Papillon. Alice Guittard, who was discovered at 22 Visconti last week, was chosen by The Pill Gallery to present her work as part of a solo show. The Emerige group’s sponsorship action is no longer to be proven: for the past four years, the Révélations scholarship has been highlighting the work of young artists not yet professionally represented by galleries. “In the form of vertigo” is to be discovered until 30 November.

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