The Fourth Sex, a story of love and fresh art

Le Coeur


Sex has not finished making ink – or pigments – flow with Le Quatrième Sexe, a new multidisciplinary exhibition presented in the exhibition space Le Coeur. Continuing the mission it has set itself to clear new territories of expression while keeping them accessible to acquisition, Le Coeur makes a nose thumb to Valentine’s Day as last year and invited art critic and journalist Marie Maertens to a curation around the indefiniteness of genres and the reaffirmation of pleasure.In this exhibition, which aims to break the shackles and reaffirm sexual freedom, a whole generation of artists – some thirty in all – is romping about without any categorization. Inspired, or rather informed, by Simone de Beauvoir’s opus (Le Deuxième Sexe, 1949), José Bénazéraf’s film (Quatrième Sexe, 1961) and Jeffrey Eugenides’ writing (Middlesex, 2002), this artistic blur plays with labels to become the key to a new liberation.

Photos: Thomas Smith
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