The Grand Amour Hotel and the Perrotin Gallery invite us to Claude Rutault’s room

Hôtel Grand Amour


Thanks to the Grand Amour and Claude Rutault Hotel, it is now possible to spend the night at the heart of a work of art. In partnership with the Perrotin gallery, the French artist, famous for his “definitions/methods”, creates a permanent and evolving installation for room 105 of the hotel opened in 2015 by André Saraiva, Thierry Costes and Emmanuel Delavenne. A new idyll for the establishment nestled on rue de la Fidélité.

Before getting together for a joyful dinner, regulars and friends met in the room whose walls now blend with the colour of the hanging paintings. This is the principle of Claude Rutault’s artistic approach which defines instructions for a work in the making, updated by the occupant of the room who can choose to hang the canvases. The most romantic will see there the metaphor of this inspired collaboration, the others the dreamed occasion to stay in a framework of most unique.

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