When we say that all good things have an end, this is especially the case for BETC POP. The hybrid agency/media, laboratory of the coolest ideas and talents, is retiring for new adventures. But I’m not leaving without making any noise. To mark the occasion, the agency invested this week the club Les Bains with a line-up of choice. It was the multi-talented artist Hen Yanni, androgynous beauty with a bewitching voice, who opened the ball with a live performance that suspended the time, putting the room in top condition for an evening that lasted until the early morning. After the emotion, make way for the fiery DJ sets of the duo KCPK and Anja Sugar, who made all the guests of BETC POP dance, in a contagious good child atmosphere – all eager to discover what the agency has in store for them in the future.

Photos: Thomas Smith
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