06.11.2014 4, rue Arsène Houssaye - Paris 8e #music

The Manege opening party

LE MANEGE, a newcomer in the Parisian night, joins the ranks of club openings in the festive frenzy that the city of lights and its districts have been experiencing since the beginning of the year. A myriad of new hotspots have thus punctuated 2014, without warning but with great noise. With this plethoric offer (and, let’s not be afraid of words, providential), Paris la nyctalope is not short of proposals and offers its entertainment know-how to all sauces and for all tastes. An explosion whose shock wave has spread far beyond borders and even across the oceans. The proof: the computer graphics published by Vogue.com which lists in an illustrated map”” Vogue’s Guide to the New Nightlife Scene in Paris” the last born of the night out hype version: Faust, Perchoir, Eko, Isolé, Monseigneur, Badaboom & co. Without forgetting that, behind their black doors, a handful of ultra-dynamic collectives are busy, capable in one evening of aggregating the fine flower of the new electro scene and a population more and more in tune with the good vibrations. I mean, who said there was nothing going on in Paris?

One of the latest to date: The Armoury. True””salon de potes”” opened last month in the Carré d’or, Le Manège is about to turn heads. At the controls of the attraction: a triumvirate which is not without reminding the great hours of the trendy nights: Rabah of Paris Paris and Rachel of the Baron, supported at the DA by another well-known head of the fief of the Clique: (DJ)LEAM. “The door is therefore selective and complicit but nevertheless intelligent”, so much the better. On the music side, in addition to Mehdi’s residence, we breathe in a gust of wind the DNA of the founders, music lovers in the know, when reading the press release:””Not heteroclite since sharp, the DA transcends the genres stopped. Mainly electronic, it also honors its hip hop and even rock roots until the most indie””. Here is what to rejoice the dissatisfied and to let predict long and soft bacchanal with the shelter of the indiscreet glances.

On the turntables of the opening night of Wednesday 06 November: Irfane, Naughty J, Medhi, Marco Dos Santo and Cät Cât. So you’ve been warned. B.B.

Photos: Virgile Guinard

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