The Night by Sofitel in Cannes

Silencio Cannes


The Silencio, a constituent element of the Festival’s night landscape, remains the most chic but also the most alternative address of the Croisette musically speaking. Sofitel, in its nocturnal world tour, has chosen for its Night by Sofitel to take over the venue on the evening of the Mexican film festival’Neruda’, a biopic by Pablo Neruda interpreted by Gael Garcia Bernal and screened today.

After Marrakech, Los Angeles, Rio and before many new countries, La Nuit by Sofitel put its dj booth at the Cannes Film Festival, recalling its desire for proximity with the arts, both cinema and music or design, thus accompanying major international cultural events, without which its Night would be duller.

Music above all, therefore, at 5 rue des Belges: for this great multiple night, Sofitel has concocted a wild but elegant programme, with Get a Room, Yuksek and the delicate Nathalie Duchêne. An electronic mix of borderless efficiency, which took everyone in the most undue hours of Saturday (morning) May 14, the day after lucky day. If one can speak of undue hours in Cannes, the party was total and, as always with Sofitel, resolutely elegant.

Photos: Julien Weber
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