The Offset Race

Hippodrome Paris-Vincennes


If Tuesday rhymes with boredom, take the direction of the racecourse Paris-Vincennes, and enjoy a handful of night trots. For Saywho and his opponents 2.0 – Caroline Daily, Fut-il, Panambastards, Club Sandwich and many more, the land of the Prix d’Amérique hosted the first edition of the Décalée des Mauvais Garçons race. Saywho boarded a sulky for a high-flying lap, and a merciless fight for victory. After the effort (we’ll keep the results to ourselves here), rendez-vous taken in the VIP lounges of the racecourse for a big dinner with view, and betting sessions between the dishes. After this hip-ic and epic moment, Saywho can only advise you to trotter.

Photos: Virgile Guinard
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