The opening of the Bristol bar

Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré


The luxury break of the week was undoubtedly the opening of the Bristol bar which, with Saywho’s complicity, transported its guests into the quintessence of French refinement and elegance, and gave the starting point to a series of happenings that will punctuate the life of the hotel every week from Thursday to Sunday.

From the lobby, the first palace of the name reveals all its charms, and a high-flying service that changes us with fun from the breweries of the Haut Marais. When you arrive in the bar, you discover a wooded classicism that subtly confronts the abstractions of contemporary art. The large Aubusson tapestry by Charles Pinçon echoes the mirror screen behind the bar, which broadcasts four works by the artist Adrien Missika, who recently won the Fondation d’entreprise Ricard prize, for one month. Everyone has their own comment, we talk about holidays, exhibitions, projects and evenings. DJ sets follow one another, spirits get hot. Some beautiful high perched women wander in the middle of the rare bills. Will.

This mirror, cornerstone of the desire to open up to contemporary arts, will host, each month, the video works of a new artist. Saywho’s programming will cover the themes of travel, architecture, urbanity, landscape and then cinema and its icons.

A few cups of Dom Pérignon later, we join the palace gardens for a worldly cigarette. We pass from one group to another, from trendy young people to fashion designers, and we let ourselves be rocked by the sweet smell of the century-old box trees that make up the green lung of the hotel sanctuary. At midnight, the atmosphere is at its peak. The French salon is enjoying starry tapas to the sound of laughter and stilettos clicking.

The taxi ball will be here soon. We will remember the beauty of a moment, luxuriously spent in one of the most historic places in the Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré. B.B.

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