07.09.2017 Hôtel de Guénégaud #fashion

The opulent Paris of Grazia keeps the Hotel de Guénégaud awake

Arriving this Thursday evening in the courtyard of the Hôtel de Guénégaud was already an experience. For the launch of its back-to-school issue, Grazia invested the building for an opulent celebration of Paris, orchestrated by L’Agence Moderne Paris. As soon as we entered, we found ourselves immersed in an unusual journey in the heart of the capital: a walk on a market in Belleville in the paved courtyard, a feast around a sumptuous buffet of pastel sweets, in luxurious lounges, surrounded by transformists dressed in decadent Marie-Antoinette, all surrounded by a French-style garden, as delicate and lush as the thousands of soap bubbles that flew into a pink sky at the end of summer. As night fell, the courtyard was filled to the brim and the faces of Bérengère Krief, the Elicha brothers (founders of The Kooples) or Inès-Olympe Mercadal could be seen in the crowd among the many representatives of the fashion houses close to the magazine. All to the sound of Chantal La Nuit’s DJ sets and L’Homme Seul by the Garçon Sauvage collective. The highlight of the evening, singer Corine gave a wild performance in the middle of the French-style garden, while Metronomy mixed in the basement space transformed into a supercharged club for the most intrepid. Facing the historical building lit up with purple lights, we couldn’t help but leaf through the special fashion issue and its file on the “Parisian news” – definitely a specimen that continues to inspire from season to season.

Photos: Valentin Le Cron

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