After “Window Shopping #2”, Le Coeur gallery inaugurated this week its new exhibition entitled “Shelves, Hangers, Desks”. An exhibition that can be read on three levels, like a dynamic triptych generated by its contributors from the worlds of art and fashion, with singular – and complementary – paths. On Lia Rochas-Pàris’ Shelves, a collection of works by emerging artists can be seen as a source of inspiration that responds, opposite, to the (carrying) Hangers of Penelope Blanckaert, Georgina Pendlebury and Nathalie Dufour who present here exercises from their personal – and atypical – changing rooms. Among the young artists highlighted by the exhibition are Leo Dorfner and Alice Guittard, the latter of whom was spotted at the last edition of the Emerige Revelations Scholarship. Third part of this three-dimensional exhibition, Desks (office) is an open and participative office animated by Maroussia Rebecq. The night of the opening, we asked ourselves the question: “But what are we going to do?” Indices to be drawn from the exhibition until next April 7.

Photos: Thomas Smith
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