08.09.2012 Paris III et IV #art

The vernissages of the Marais

Spotlight on art, and full sun on the vernissages of the Marais, last Saturday, for the traditional arty marathon of the new school year. For Saywho, the route starts in Frank Elbaz’s new space, where the funny plates of Gyan Panchal are exhibited. Then we go to rue Saint Gilles to congratulate Pierre Ardouvin at Valentin. Lots of names for a single stop. Direction the collective exhibitions of the gallery des Multiples and the gallery Christophe Gaillard, which gives us back the taste of disgust, in its greatest tradition. Burp. We then pass rue Saint Claude, greet Philippe Jousse and the eight artists he hangs. Our tribulations finally lead us to Emmanuel Perrotin, where Sophie Calle, Hernan Bas, Klara Kristalova, and the unpronounceable J. Ariadhitya Pramuhendra make their show, until October 27. A journey concludes with the gallery owner’s dinner, under the large dome of the Dôme du Marais.

Photos: Michael Huard


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