The voices of the world leave their mark on the Audi Talents Gallery’s answering machine

Galerie Audi talents


For the tenth anniversary of the Audi talents awards cultural support programme, the Galerie Audi talents gives its winners carte blanche for an exhibition dedicated to the memory of the 21st century, on a proposal by Vincent Carry, Gaël Charbau, René-Jacques Mayer and Carole Scotta. With “06 75 72 33 32, Live a message”, the ten artists, including Neïl Beloufa, Constance Guisset and Thomas Karagiannis, were able to work together during a series of workshops organised in the 200 square metres that the gallery offers, an initiative that now gives substance to this exhibition and exchange space opened on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the programme. The gallery owners Frédéric Bugada, Claudia Cargnel, Alexander Hertling and actor Hugo Becker, surrounded by designers and artists from all horizons came to discover the works exhibited on the two floors of the gallery, like Jérôme Dumetz’s “La Mémoire de l’eau” on display on the ground floor, and Wilfrid Almendra’s work, an installation of copper-covered cables that offers a reflection on the random circulation of sounds. This interdisciplinary proposal was also a participatory experience: to bring to life the collective work that gave its name to the exhibition, everyone is invited to call the number given and leave a message, then broadcast freely for visitors. Design, music, contemporary art and video installations are all disciplines brought together in this exhibition that blurs the boundaries between practices and celebrates a decade of support for contemporary creation.

Photos: Chantapitch Wiwatchaikamol
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