Gabriella Cortese loves to travel. Founder of the Antik Batik brand, she designs ready-to-wear collections that blend a bohemian spirit with an embroidery savoir-faire from India. In 2018, she inaugurated a new space that is part boutique part private apartment in the heart of the Marais. This week, she invited her family and friends to the inauguration of “Mongolia”, an exhibition by photographer Thierry Le Gouès. The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly a live fight between traditional Mongolian wrestlers. The scene was such a rare sighting at Parisian art openings that guests from Zoé Félix to Julie Judd, Aurélie Saada and Axelle Laffont couldn’t resist having their picture taken with them. Also on the evening’s program: sacred music, “magic drawings” by Marie Perron and DJ sets by Ariel Wizman and Cosmo Gonik. A welcome escape (on a moped!) before everyone headed off for end of the year festivities.

Photos: Thomas Smith
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