New York-based artist Tyrrell Winston inaugurated “Lines”, his first solo show, in Paris last night. The 34-year-old American artist turns the urban environment into his playground: in the streets of the Big Apple, he finds and collects abandoned objects (cigarette butts, emptied cigarette packets, punctured basketballs) and gives them a second life. For the third show on view at Thomas Lélu’s gallery—which, since its opening, has also featured Thomas Mailaender and Stefan Brüggemann—Tyrrell Winston passed street culture through an art filter, bringing forth a reflection on public space and its preservation. In attendance at the opening last night: architect Franklin Azzi, curator Jérôme Sans, TV presenter Daphné Bürki, artist Théodore Fivel, cool kid Sylvain Lewis and model Lena Simonne.

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