Given the sheer amount of people travelling each year to Basel, Miami and Hong Kong, Art Basel might as well be a sacred pilgrimage. Fittingly, this year Emmanuel Perrotin installed a divine scenography within Basel’s Elisabethenkirche, creating a night to remember. Against a background of stained glass windows, French composer and conductor Thomas Roussel – better known as Prequell –  performed with figureheads of the French music scene Pedro Winter (Ed Banger), Philippe Zdar (Cassius), and artist Samuel Boutruche. Guests enjoyed a candlelight dinner while dozens of violinists played in tandem with a powerful organ. Amongst the guests were Perrotin’s stable of artists: JR, Laurent Grasso, Johan Creten, and Jean-Michel Othoniel (their work is also presented at the fair). After dinner, everyone gathered in the central nave, which turned into a world-class dancefloor: hands in the air, rather than in prayer…

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