Thomas Smith—a long-time contributor to Say Who—opened an exhibition, “Que La Nuit” (“Only at Night”), focusing on his best vacation visuals. The exhibition coincided with the first issue of the magazine Scald, a “nocturnal and hedonistic” publication, a “leaflet for insomniacs” distributed in Paris to “change the face of the burning world.” The night through Thomas Smith’s lens is a space of freedom, of catharsis, and a constantly-reinvented playground. Night is (re)discovered over two floors, in black-and-white and in color, via a multitude of small format visuals hung on brut walls or in small plastic pockets suspended from the ceiling, plus a film that provides a whirlwind of images. On one wall, Scald’s manifesto is displayed in large letters: “If we don’t give a fuck, who will?” In attendance at the opening were Dyna Dagger, Larry Vickers, and Lionel Bensemoun, remembering their own sleepless nights, surely, as a DJ set by Dorion played.

Photos: Thomas Smith
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