Three Nights at the Baron



If you are a beautiful people in Cannes, you necessarily have a very precise night schedule, and incredibly identical from one evening to the next. After cocktails and screenings, film festivals on the Croisette are a matter of course. You will then pass to the Club d’Albane, THE ultra private place where you must be seen, and where everyone is, by the way. If you still do not sleep, you will take the direction of the Baron, the second and last institution impossible to circumvent. This year, La Clique makes the club a little more intimate, and takes up residence in a small three-storey cabaret with narrow spiral staircases. People crowd around the piano, everyone sings, and it’s often on the 7 o’clock blows that the night ends. So a piece of advice: rest, make vocals, and take care of your look.

Photos: Julien Weber
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