Tom Greyhound x Etienne Deroeux Cocktail

Tom Greyhound


Tom Greyhound took advantage of Fashion Week to sign one of the little prodigies of French fashion. On Monday 29 September, the Marais concept store unveiled Etienne Deroeux’s Autumn-Winter 2014 collection, called The’Barragan’, at an intimate party.

To accommodate the designer’s graphic pieces, the boutique was adorned with an original scenography: silhouettes suspended in a window and fuchsia panels on the first floor, the Parisian spirit of space was softened and tinged with a sportswear note.

Etienne Deroeux has now set foot in the capital.

Read or reread Etienne Deroeux’s interview on SAYWHO: http://www.saywho.fr/intimes/192/etienne-deroeux/

Photos: Paul Blind
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