All “Jalouse” of the women’s curiosity cabinet by Marie Madec

Galerie Joseph


For its Christmas issue, Jalouse reinvents the room of wonders with a cabinet of feminine curiosities inscribed in the modernity that twists the codes of shopping by setting out the most trendy gifts of the year. To the attention of millenials and all current fashion designers, this cavern with a thousand treasures unfolds at Galerie Joseph for only seven days, in the heart of the Parisian smart set. Under Marie Madec’s curatorial supervision, the sensation of the curation of contemporary art speciality – revealed in particular with the exhibition “Untitled (2016)”, the most enviable gifts are presented under bell to those who would be out of ideas but not in good taste. Accessories, fashion, jewellery, high tech and more, this selection that smells good on the tree can be found on glossy paper in the Christmas issue of the mag as well as on a series of videos featuring homemade mannequins. Cool crowd for the preview of this special party exhibition, at a few issues of the HQ of Jalou Editions. On the turntables, as always with the magazine, a tandem of it-girls in flowers composed for this edition of Margaux Dague and Jan Scott Melka, whose young generation remembers the recent exhibition of drawings sold out in a few hours. Around Benjamin and Jennifer Eymère, the fine flower of the under-25s found itself during a nonchalant vernissage: Angèle Metzger and Adèle Farine, Clémence Quélennec from the group La Femme, or Adrien Gallo and Agathe Mougin. Merry Christmas.

Photos: Jean Picon
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