June 17 will be the closing day of the Festivaldera’s first edition. The festival takes its name from the valley it’s organized in, Valdera). Launched on May 26 in one of the most beautiful settings in Tuscany, the festival aims to highlight the quality of the region’s territorial projects as well as its cultural offering. The prestigious guests, including Italian actors Marco d’Amore, Anna Foglietta and Claudio Santamaria, were welcomed in the five-star Castelfalfi Toscana Resort hotel, a partner of the festival, located in the picturesque medieval village of Castelfalfi. The village is dominated by a magnificent castle and a farm of about 1,000ha that were rehabilitated by the German company Tui AG with the support of the Municipal Administration of Montaione. In this idyllic setting,Irene Barbensi, director ot Foundation Peccioliperthe, Carlo Calabretta, manager of Teatro della Toscana, and The Other Theater joined forces to create Festivaldera in order to promote a common cultural and artistic vision. In addition to the village of Castelfalfi, the festival took place in the Teatro Era de Pontedera amphitheater (known for Jerzy Grotowski’s Workcenter) and the Triangolo Verde of Peccioli amphitheater, which has found its home in a clean landfill site. It provides an amazing lunar landscape inhabited by immense human sculptures. This is an incredible ecological and cultural project carried out by Mayor Renzo Macelloni and the Belvedere SPA company. Just a few kilometers from Castelfalfi is also Villa Lena, an internationally renowned artists’ residence. Following the success of this first edition, there is no doubt that the future will be just as ambitious and perhaps open to international artists.

Photos: Stefania Casellato
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