Ullmann BBQ

Chez Nicolas Ullmann


The last summer festival was held in a haven of peace, in the heart of the 18th arrondissement. Yesterday, Nicolas Ullmann opened his doors and heated the BBQ in the light of the garlands, for about fifty hipster friends, people or not. Ambiance guinguette arty thus, in its small small freshly pimpé garden. Three floors higher, in the attic, guests were able to discover three short films on giant screens, that of Thomas Lélu, Nuts, but also the second part of “Bienvenue à Cannes”, the burlesque epic of Rodolphe Poly. Last session: the projection of Loredana’s 3D clip, signed Pitof, big manitou of the special effects, where we could find Nicolas Ullmann in a performance more screwed up than ever. To see and to eat!

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