Sharing artistic experiences is what Anaïd Demir and Stephen Joannon love to do. She has been an art critic and curator for more than 20 years, and he a music critic, gallery owner and an epicurean above all. The duo, who met in the 1990s, is now taking up the challenge of combining art with haute cuisine through a new project called “Un chef, une œuvre” (one chef, one artwork). The principle? About ten guests gather at a chef’s table, the menu is designed in dialogue with an artwork by a contemporary artist. For this first edition, the artist Jean-Luc Verna sat at chef Théophile Playoust’s table surrounded by collectors, art lovers and gourmets. On this occasion, Jean-Luc Verna presented his work “Paramour”, a copper silkscreen print that guests could buy at a preferential price…

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