While all eyes are on Cannes for the last days of the Film Festival, Paris continues to entertain those who have not made the trip to the South of France (or have already returned). Last night, Hogan presented its Spring/Summer 2018 shoe collection during a cocktail party among friends. Subtly named “Urban Gypsetter”, the collection revealed a mix of inspirations between “gypsy” and “jet set” (which are well suited for the next edition of the Festival) for a modern and traveling woman. In the Faubourg Saint-Honoré boutique, the chromatic associations inspired by floral stylist Ruby Barber’s work are obvious. As founder of the design studio Mary Lennox, she sublimates the collection by creating flower/shoe diptychs. With workshops curated by Le Tigre Yoga Club (which included massages, naturopathy and relaxation), everybody got to enjoy dreaming of the beautiful summer days to come…with their new shoes on.

Photos: Pierre Mouton
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