Vendula Knopovà advises brides-to-be

Le Coeur


On the occasion of Paris Photo, Le Cœur presents Vendula Knopovà, Grand Prix du Jury Photographie 2016 du Festival International de Mode et de Photographie à Hyères, and its project ZIVIJO, until 19 November.

In recent times, many of my friends are getting married and have children, and I hate that,”says the Czech photographer, who is in a situation that has led her to design her own collection of wedding dresses, and to make ZIVIJO. A funny and offbeat production, true-false romantic props or a calendar of similar Tinder profiles, this marriage consultancy company created by Knopovà has all the humour and singularity that caught the eye of the jury at the prestigious festival. In a series of inspirational and inspiring photographic series, she alternates between photographer and stylist. She confronts second-hand wedding dresses, online shop presentations, fashion aesthetics and wedding with Czech accents, to the delight of a connoisseur audience.

Photos: Say Who
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