Vernissage Alicja Kwade “Gegenwartsdauer”

Galerie Kamel Mennour / Le Baron


Kamel Mennour exhibits for the first time the Polish artist Alicja Kwade by presenting’Gegenwartsdauer’. This untranslatable Germanic title – something between “duration of the present” and “persistence of the moment” – hides a set of four works that interfere with our definitions and perceptions of reality. From the rotating frame clock to the metal plates weighed on a meteorite day, passing through the petrified trees of the Sahara and the centrifugal installation, Alicja plays with appearances and codifications of temporality, and it’s amazing!

The day before the public opening, collectors and friends of the gallery owner met in the Germanopratin mansion, before closing the evening at the Baron with the live performance of Phoebe Jean and The Air Force. Sweet Tuesday.

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