Vernissage and signature Danny Lyon

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If the hangings of the indispensable bookstore-gallery 0fr create very regularly the event, that of Danny Lyon was a very particular one for Marie and Alexandre Thumerelle, founding siblings of the busiest book-store of the Haut-Marais. From Paris itself. “Because he is one of those photographers whose images I very early tore off to stick on the wall of my home”, “Danny Lyon is in a way at the origin of 0fr, with Robert Frank, with John Cassavetes, with Vitali Kanevski, a certain grace to approach, a certain disposition”, confides the curator on Facebook.

So here it is: Danny Lyon, 70 years old and all his teeth, has embarked in New Mexico to land on Dupetit-Thouars Street, with reels under his arm and felt on the chief. One would have expected a misanthropic, grumbling old man. Que nenni: the seventy-year-old photographer oozes humanity almost as much as his works. In the cramped aisles of the bookshop, between a stack of Gentlewomen and some yellowed originals of Interview magazine year 71, the man bends to the FAQ in a moment of deafening joviality. The series of prints selected by the master is the target of all the indexes, motionless. Bikers, African-Americans, Bronx kingpins: the communities sublimated by the eye of the New York utopian arouse admiration. Marie is so happy she’s jumping.

In the background, an informed crowd hypnotizes itself in front of the director’s films, rum cups in hand. Of everything and for everyone, Lyon’s magic works. Well ouèj, Danny ! B.B.


Photos: Valentin Le Cron
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