Vernissage Bertrand Lavier at Appartement

Paris XIe


The artist Bertrand Lavier moves to Appartement during the Fiac. The exhibition “Silence” takes its name from a work produced for the occasion, Scie Lance, an association that the place immediately inspired him.

The piano in the living room, which he has not repainted, is transformed into a base for a set of six nickel-plated African fetishes. The artist speaks of a westernization of these primitive sculptures, thus making them “nickel-chrome”. This installation joins one of his great “building sites” of superimposed objects.

A large Ndébélé painting, the exhibition’s second unpublished work, takes up the features and colours of a Ndébélé fresco printed on canvas, which Bertrand Lavier repaints with his “Van Gogh touch”.

Finally, a historical work from the Walt Disney Productions series evokes in this context an African boubou fabric motif, an echo of the Beninese origins of the owner of the places Nathalie Miltat and her collection of African art. Curated by Timothée Chaillou.

Photos: Paul Blind
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