Vernissage “Faire le Mur” – carte blanche at Sally Bonn

La vitrine am


For her fifth experience, La vitrine am explores a new facet of art and brand relations, specifically questioning the relationship between art and architecture through a carte blanche at Sally Bonn. The curator invites ten artists to explore the relationship between art and architecture through the theme of the wall.

Think of the wall differently than a surface or a construction, see the wall beyond its verticality and the obstacle it can generate… The exhibition reveals what the wall commonly induces in our thoughts: the architectural part of any construction built and delimited in a space, and the part that questions texture as an element of decoration and receptacle of works. Those of artists Arthur Aillaud, Joan Ayrton, Leïla Brett, Jean-Jacques Dumont, Vincent Ganivet, Anne-Valérie Gasc, Élodie Huet, Christian Jaccard, Piotr Klemensiewicz and Rero.

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