Vernissage “Replica” fragrance by Maison Martin Margiela

Galerie Philippe Jousse


Freshly enriched with three new fragrances (‘Lazy Sunday Morning’,’Promenade in the Gardens’ and ‘Jazz Club’), Maison Martin Margiela’s Replica fragrance line, launched in 2012, is an experience. A collection of sensory memories captured in small bottles, inspired by the principle of the eponymous collection of clothing and accessories, to revive the sweet moments of a stroll by the sea, a ride to the fair or an afternoon in a flower market.

Sheltered by the Philippe Jousse gallery, the house presents in parallel an evolving collective exhibition called “Smells like memories”, featuring a mosaic of images of sensory and olfactory memories collected from artists, photographers, and writers around the world. Jeanne Damas, Jay One, Marina Fois, Garance Doré, Fabien Constant, Michel Gaubert and Jerry Buttles delivered some of these moments of life.

Photos: Virgile Guinard
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