Vernissage Projet[I], by Loris Gréault

Beaubourg - Musée du Louvre


15 metres: this is the height of the tower installed by Loris Gréaud in the heart of the Pompidou centre, from where men fall to crash on a giant airbag placed underground. Harboring a spiral and mechanical staircase offering no possibility of return, the sculpture challenges the visitor, through the vision of this fall of the bodies and the dull noises which emerge from it. Half installation, half performance, Loris Gréaud’s work is part of his diptych project entitled[I].

At the same time, at the Louvre, he who is about to become one of the major artists of his generation installs a ghostly work under the great pyramid of Pei. Placed on a column left spotless since its foundation, the large 9-meter draped casting will welcome visitors until January 20, 2014. A sculpture of a veiled sculpture,” he summarizes.

Photos: Michael Huard
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