Vernissage Stéphane Coutelle – Insomnia

Artstudio K


Produced in a dozen countries during his travels in France, the US, Thailand and many others, the landscapes, voluntarily devoid of exoticism, offer Stéphane Coutelle’s portraits a powerful space of dreamlike resonance. To do this, the photographer imposed himself a systematic mode of operation by shooting his models at night, in their apartment, face to face, in a great sobriety of means. Result? Nude and accurate portraits, authentic and quasi-fictional.

As part of the Month of Photography, the Artstudio K exhibition takes over from the eponymous book released last spring, which brings together photographs produced between 2009 and 2013, whose large format prints further strengthen the cinematographic dimension. A chiaroscuro route, to discover before December 2nd.

Artstudio K
32, rue du Moulin Joly – Paris 11e

Photos: Camille Zerhat
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