Vernissage Thomas Lélu x ZEISS’Donner à voir le monde autrement

Galerie Brugier-Rigail, rue Volta Paris IIIe


Great slasher in front of the eternal, Thomas Lélu passes from artistic projects to artistic projects like a bee collecting a field of flowers. A prolific and creative year for this inveterate optimist, from his “Various Forms” exhibited at Vincenz Sala to his erotic car hoods created for the inauguration of the “art” extension of the stable. Today, he returns to rue Volta with the exhibition “Donner à voir le monde autrement”, created in partnership with the optical brand ZEISS.

The Galerie Brugier-Rigail hangs on its picture rails a series of 12 photographic works, which recall the processes of diversion and reappropriation that the artist develops in most of his works. Here he chooses to reinterpret existing images by superimposing a new element on them, thus bringing another perspective: a tool, a ZEISS lens, a candy, a fruit or even an everyday object, so many tools placed there to disturb our direct vision to the image, forcing us de facto to consider it from a new angle.

Always surrounded by an affable cohort of faithful, the electron Lélu invited last night his band to discover the last born of his projects. Among them: Marco Prince, Daphné Burki, Gunther Love or Alexandre Mattiussi aka AMI Paris. To see before June 21, then quickly, Brugier-Rigail Gallery

Photos: Valentin Le Cron
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