Galerie Kamel Mennour


“Telling the story of the creation of the universe is the challenge that Camille Henrot has given herself with Grosse Fatigue. Grosse en effet est la fatigue de celle qui, à l’image du titan Atlas, s’est condamnée elle-même à devoir porter tout le poids du monde sur ses seules épaules. But aren’t dark lonely burdens destined to become as light, beautiful and fragile as a soap bubble when handled by an artist? To hold the world in the palm of his hand%u2026 floating effortlessly on the surface of the palm as if, through discreet magical powers, the artist had really been able to resurrect from the depths of the ages the youth of humanity, a masterly dawn believed to be too much
as easily as a magic lantern a child’s gaze.”

In parallel, the Kamel Mennour gallery opened last Wednesday evening the exhibitions of David Hominal and Latifa Echakhch.

Photos: Virgile Guinard
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