Vernissages Daniel Buren and Valentin Carron

Galerie kamel mennour - Pavillon Ledoyen


Marble, stone, granite and graphite are the materials and colours of Daniel Buren’s fourth solo exhibition at the kamel mennour gallery.” As we go along, work in situ and located”: Such is the title of this new intervention by the French artist known worldwide for his poetic interpretations and his architectural subversions – ephemeral or lasting – of both public and private places, ranging from the Pompidou Centre in Paris to the Guggenheim Museum in New York, and more generally in Europe, North and South America, Guadalajara and Mexico, as well as in Africa and Asia. With this exhibition, Daniel Buren appreciates, geométrise and surveys a place, the space of the rue du Pont de Lodi where, in 1983, he had already realized an exhibition.

At the same time, the gallery presents for the first time an exhibition by Valentin Carron. An opportunity for the Swiss artist to reveal, in dialogue with the architecture of the place, a typical barn façade whose openings let the disturbing strangeness of the repressed familiar dull: stories, fears, secrets that wander like ghosts pushed back into the wings of truth. To see before March 15th.

Saturday evening, at the end of this double architectural opening, the gallery hosted a dinner under the gilded Second Empire of the Ledoyen Pavilion. Yannick Alléno placed his third star on this evening of already celestial art.

Photos: Jean Picon
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