Villa Mirage by Kiabi

Loft Varenne


Expected as the messiah, the Kiabi evening did not fail in its reputation as a great outlet for friendship. After having occupied the rooms of the Hôtel Amour in 2013, the brand signs a new festive feat by storming every corner of the Loft Varenne. From the bathroom to the patio, via the kitchen and the reception areas, the Splendens Factory has created a colourful scenography that meets all expectations.

The ephemeral Villa Mirage, like a great summer bubble in the heart of winter and a sleeping VIIth, sowed happiness, joy and joy with great performances, animations, live (If The Kids) and DJ sets (Jamaica, Sheitanas crew, Arthur King). The janitor doesn’t mind.

The white cropped-sweat with silver fringes offered as a gift to guests will have finished registering this Thursday, December 11 in the pantheon of the funniest happenings.

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