You don’t know the very chic Villa Rose? Until December 23, you have the opportunity to fill this unforgivable lack of Parisian culture by discovering the Christmas selection of this haven of peace planted in the heart of the IXth district. The most studied signatures of the moment await you in the tea room by the fire, which gathers unpublished pieces, rare objects, delicacies by Marie Chemorin as well as the hanging “Women”, white card to Laure Flammarion who exposes her favourites there. A veritable laboratory of trends which, this season, unfolds entirely around the theme of nature, wild, vegetable and mineral. For Christmas at the Villa Rose, Gilbert Kann presents a selection of decorative objects as well as antique furniture and decorative arts. Debeaulieu takes over the floral compositions with all the contemporaneity we know and Jeanne Holsteyn, from the Library of Arts, puts her beautiful books on the library. Beyond these main contributors, we find a plethora of creators and instigators of cultural projects such as Yasmine Eslami and her fine lingerie, the desirable collaborations of Studio Marant, the acclaimed accessories of Hugo Matha, but also Mathias Kiss, Be-Pôles, Jordane Someville without forgetting the imponderable of the tea salon..: tea, concocted him by the house Afternoon Queens. Enough to make the undecided even more undecided but to inspire with elegance those for whom gift rhymes with burden. Review of the inauguration evening, which took place with friends. Artistic, necessarily.

Photos: Pierre Mouton
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