The French plastic artist Quentin Lefranc, born in 1987 and trained at the art school of Rueil-Malmaison then at the Decorative Arts of Paris, questions the notion of space with all the palette of his practice. More than works, Quentin Lefranc lifts the veil on zones and immerses the spectator in his reflection. At the end of his Exposed II project, presented at the beginning of January at the Galerie Jérôme Pauchant, he took over the boutique des Bains for an evening-signature of the t-shirt inspired by his work’ En route’! (2013). On this occasion, regulars of the iconic Parisian address such as Thomas Erber joined J-P Marois for an evening meeting with the young French artist who redefined the club’s entrance through one of his installations playing with the senses.

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