Wanda Nylon A/H 2015/2016 Presentation

Paris IIe


Black velvet curtain. We’re going in. From a room plunged into darkness emerges a circular curtain of luminous rain. In the center the silhouettes of the mannequins are cut out. They slowly move forward to a languorous music, settle down, stare at us, play for a moment with their gloves, their cap. A little lascivious. The word we exchange most is then’sexiness’. And’Chic and sensual’.

The first Wanda Nylon presentation marked the occasion. Ten mini parades, every 30 minutes. Around the water and light installation where the A/H2015 collection scrolls, we discover on plants accumulated to excess the accessories, born from collaborations with the houses Aperlaï, Larose Paris, Agnelle and Peter & May Walk. Sublime!

Photos: Say Who
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