Wanda Nylon SS 2016 Fashion Show

Elysée Biarritz


Chapeauté of a helmet of building site, the front row was worn out the stiletto heels in the gravas of the late Elysée Biarritz to greet the very first parade of the young Parisian house. With Johanna Senyk in style, Jackson in sound design and the most pointed cast of the week on the catwalk (Charlotte Free, Steffy Argelich, Joana Preiss, Tami Inzürii,…), the presentation had every chance to convince.

This is what is done, with these 26 emancipated silhouettes that trampled the concrete of the Montmartre site with a warlike step. Plastic but not only in the SS16 collection: rainwear that iridesces, also suits to brave the night, trench coats that disintegrate and come in different styles, dresses, sweatshirts, vinyl… The Wanda Nylon cloakroom is rich in proposals but faithful to its DNA, to face the whims of the weather and make the street its playground.

Photos: Jean Picon
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