WE at the Hyères International Fashion and Photography Festival

Hyères, villa Noailles


The sun did not shine at the 28th Hyères International Fashion and Photography Festival, but the talents were legion. At the heart of this great springboard with creative nuggets: the Villa Noailles, which each year hosts most of the modules composing the festival’s DNA, concerts programmed by Stage of the Art (Perez, Hollydays…) to the various exhibitions (Jean-François Lepage, Guy Bourdin, Jessica Eaton…) while passing by round tables and meetings around the big problems of the textile industry, without forgetting the dose of chill necessary to any good raout azuréen.

Exiled in a large, ghost-like hangar, the prize-winners’ parades serve as an exception. And this year, under the regency of a multi-horizon jury chaired by designer Felipe Oliveira Baptista, it is Finnish Saut Maaranen who wins the sacrosanct Grand Prix Première Vision thanks to her silhouettes inspired by haute couture and land-art. The photo section – directed this year by photographer Charles Fréger, rewarded Greek artist Petros Efstathiadis for his series Liparo and Bombs.

Photos: Michael Huard
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