05.06.2016 Bois de Vincennes #music

We Love Green 2016

Expected like the messiah by a growing horde of committed Parisians, the We Love Green Festival almost got bogged down in a slush field and never came out. This was without counting on the intervention of the God of rain, who stopped his painful activities during the weekend and the reactivity of the organizing teams who secured and drained”last minute” the site with large blows of forks and gravel. And then, of course, the relentless programming that brought back the genre’s favourites, AIR and LCD Soundsystem to life.

The mud, therefore, central element of this festival usually known for its picnic lawns, did not discourage anyone. New location for 2016, expansion obliges: the four scenes revealed their charms between the trees of the Bois de Vincennes. We Love and Because have this year clearly set the bar above and will finally not have had their eyes bigger than their stomachs. Welcome to the festival (almost) without a cup on the floor.

Think Tank: a series of conferences, screenings and meetings punctuated the ecological life of the weekend, with notably the intervention of Olafur Eliasson, the carte blanche”Think life by D’Days” and plural discussions around major environmental issues. The other three scenes, on the other hand, are all about the music, with a few moments that will remain engraved in the minds of music lovers. Among the large calibers are, in disorder, PJ Harvey, James Blake, Metronomy, Hot Chip, or PNL, who shared the two days, the Prairie and the Clairière. As for the two returning bands, LCD Soundsystem (6 years old) and AIR (10 years old), the comeback was very smooth with two straightforward orgasmic shows that brought back the colours of a forgotten youth until they managed to draw a few tears to the ecstatic crowd.

On Sunday evening, of techno obedience, concluded the 2016 edition with Diplo and Soul. Not to mention Jacques. Above all suspicion, know that there is a little man with the tonsure worthy of a disciple of Brother Tuck and capable, with a few bits of nothing – stoves, plastic duck, scissors, wheeled plane, to make you cross an experimental vortex without any blotter of LSD. Wonderful Jacques.

Photos: Jean Picon et Virgile Guinard


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