We Love Green, day 1

Parc de Bagatelle


We Love Green’s first night was over without the clouds coming to spoil the party. Yet we had prepared the Aigle boots, the K-Way, making fun of the fatality and the latent rumblings of our dear temperate climate. We would have enjoyed wading through the mud, like Kate Moss in Glastonbury. We would have felt more punk.

Today, Kindness, Django Django, Norah Jones, and James Blake are opening the second edition of the green festival. The Parisian taxi takes us to the artists’ entrance. Bad option: security represses us, not being artists ourselves, at least not that day. Here we go for a walk in Wood, and all that that induces of local folklore… On arrival, Django Django enchants us with his fresh psychedelic rock in perfect adequacy with the spirit of the place. We certainly missed Kindness, but here is an introduction worthy of the best copies of this musical summer. Clever, spirited, and generous: these four British have a certain scenic talent, from which many of the headliners should draw abundantly. Despite the show, not everyone has yet made it to the scene, and around us, bodies struggle to waddle, most young booties prefer the softness of the lawns to body exuberance. Some girls wear pretty wreaths of flowers from the Pantheone stand, faithful and organic. You’d think with LSD, you’d think you were in Woodstock.

In the VIP area, where a few friends dine on the floor under a Bedouin tent, we are tempted by the small bottle Heineken printed by Metronomy. She tastes cool. And beer, of course. Nova put a small antenna there, and the artists follow each other as fast as the interlude. The much awaited Norah Jones finally treads the boards of the ephemeral stage to deliver us, by night, some tracks of her new album. Boring. The beauty obviously let herself be caught up by her Texas roots. When listening actively, we prefer organic cookies from the neighbouring stand.

23h. James Blake comes to conclude this first evening of random performances. The critically acclaimed artist plays his calibrated neo-dubstep, sometimes high, sometimes pulsating. We appreciate the sound variations, in the company of our consigned cup which will follow us, for its part, all weekend long in a warm canvas bag. Green break time. B.B.

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