We Love Green, day 3

Parc de Bagatelle


Sunday, September 16th. It’s going to be an electric day. The folkeux have officiated the day before and the day before, year after year, but today, it’s time for electro. Finally not quite since the program of celebrations: Herman Dune, Cody ChesnuTT, Electric Guest, Breakbot, and C2C.

It’s nice and warm. In the park of Bagatelle, the atmosphere has never been so family, Sunday federation obliges. Marmots run on the lawns, couples expiate the torments of a week’s labor. Opening, Herman Dune offers us his first soundtrack, composed for””Mariage à Mendoza””, Edouard Deluc’s last feature. Folk is poetic, with this grain of desert sand that nicely stops the machine. An epic on the arid roads of a maternal and enveloping Argentina. The little blue monster is not far. Rise in power, until the guitar solos explode. A true musical road trip that will transport us to the high plateaus of North America. ChesnuTT and Electric Guest will complete this half of the line-up, certainly with more or less audacity, but the satisfaction of having soothed the sad spirits, with soul and smooth.

In Heineken space, the crowd is compact, and activities plethoric. We blow out Irina’s xx candles, our Lady of the Month, drink a few pints in immortal consigned cups, and greet the artists: Contemporary Sadness, Twin-Twin, Gaspar Augé, Alka Balbir. At 9:00, night fell. The two “sounds and lights” shows that will conclude the We Love Green 2012 adventure can begin. Thibaut Berland aka Breakbot appears behind a lippu blood desk, big Dalinian mouth that lights up like Ed Banger. The samples of his first album ” By Your Side ” follow one another and intertwine it with an enchanting masterpiece. The LED display unpacks pop signage – here you go. There’s Daft Punk, Supermen Lovers, with the virtuoso evidence of singularity. His faithful colleague Christopher Irfane will conclude the live with a few skillfully asked notes.

At 22h, although the much awaited C2C have not yet officiated, we leave the green meadow, sound full head and organic full legs. Blessed are the leaders in the sale of albums on the Internet. B.B.

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